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Top 5 Pedometers From $10 to $15

Pedometers are one of the best motivational tools for weight loss newbies. You can track miles walked, steps taken and/or calories burned with these tiny gadgets.

These pedometers range in price between $10 and $15 on average. Many include extra features not available on those priced less than $10.

1) Oregon Scientific Digital Pedometer

Small and lightweight. Tracks walked, number of steps, and calories burned. Includes a clock. Features backlight for easier viewing.

2) Robic M-307 Step and Stride Counter

Includes sensitivity setting which adjusts to your personal stride. Extra-large, easy-to-read LCD display. Automatically starts counting when you walk. Different colors available.

3) Oregon Scientific Pedometer with Panic Alarm

Lightweight and movement-sensitive pedometers doubles as a safety device. Tracks distance traveled, steps, calories, and time elapsed. Features a clock and a 120-decibel panic alarm.

4) Gaiam's Walking Kit with Pedometer

This gift set by Gaiam sells for just under $15 and also includes a music CD with walking-friendly music.

5) Impulse CS-4 Pedometer

Compact design. Counts your steps up to 99,999, distance, and calories burned. Also displays time in a 12/24 format. Features a clam shell style cover so you don't accidentally reset it.

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