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Exercise & Fitness

You've got to move it to lose it! Learn more about when, why, and how to exercise.

Top Pedometers Between $10-$15
Pedometers are one of the best motivational tools for weight loss newbies. You can track miles walked, steps taken and/or calories burned with these tiny gadgets.

Tuning In Can Help You Trim Down!
Research proves listening to music while you exercise will help you stick to it.

Step Up Your Walking Workout
Don't settle for a stroll -- step up your walking workout to burn more calories and strengthen your muscles.

5 Tips for People Who Don't Want to Exercise
I know the feeling ... you just don't want to workout today. Maybe these 5 tips will change your mind!

6 Great Benefits of Exercising
Exercise has so many great benefits ... just in case you need six more reasons to get moving!

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