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ADD How Much Happier Do You Want Your Child To Be

A major part of the solution to many medical conditions is identification and acknowledgement that the condition exists. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is no different. In order to treat the condition, it's critical that we identify the symptoms. This article describes the various symptoms manifested in children and highlights the differences between boys and girls. ADD can take several forms in children. It is not difficult to identify a child with ADD - their personality often reflects total chaos.

In general, boys fit this category. However there are some types of ADD which go undiagnosed because their effects are far less evident. This occurs primarily in the case of girls. There are many girls who are categorized as "tomboys". They frequently exhibit some of the features of ADD, like being more involved in physical activities, but generally they are not as reckless as boys. As a result teachers and parents tend to jump to the conclusion that the child has no interest in academic pursuits and is basically disorganized, however the possibility of ADD is seldom considered.

Besides the "tomboy" types, "chatty" girls could also be suffering from ADD, however they often remain undiagnosed. This is a fusion of over-activity and inattentiveness, and is usually touted as socially extrovert. These girls are extremely talkative rather than being physically active. They also have difficulty telling detailed stories and will often be distracted.

Those we label "daydreamers" could also be suffering from ADD. They do not draw attention to themselves and tend to be very quite. However, being introvert and not paying attention in class can be another form of ADD. Symptoms might include anxiety and depression - particularly when given school projects plus the inability to complete school projects. This generally goes undiagnosed because the child is thought to be lazy.

What is fascinating is that many girls with ADD have quite a high IQ and could be considered as "gifted". Keep in mind that ADD is not a learning disorder, and patients are not always poor performers at school. Until high school they can perform quite well but with mounting pressure and assignments, symptoms might become more and more evident.

When undiagnosed, ADD might cause significant harm. Children will often be labeled as disorganized, lacking intelligence and lazy, when in fact, they might be silent sufferers of ADD. They will often have very low self-esteem and be convinced they are quitters or stupid. It is crucial that the problem is identified and treated before it becomes too pronounced and any long-term damage is done.

Garry Macdonald & Kieran Smyth have established a website providing little know information about attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). To learn the insider secrets about ADD or ADHD, go to http://www.adhdsecretsuncovered.com .

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