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Controlling Diabetes Will Help You Live Longer

Controlling diabetes is so important that it should always be supervised by a medical doctor. It is normally done with a plan that keeps blood glucose in a specific range so that it does not go too high or too low. A multipronged approach is always needed and involves, quite often, major lifestyle changes. The first thing you must do is control your diet.

Diet is one key to controlling our diabetes. Diet, exercise, oral medication, and insulin are the cornerstones of type 2 diabetes treatment. Diet, exercise and healthy living would go a long way at helping one not to develop diabetes. Diet, exercise, bringing your weight to normal levels, and, if needed, medications can control high blood pressure. Exercise is always an important part of controlling diabetes.

Everyone will benefit from having a lifestyle that is healthy but for diabetics it is critically important. Regular exercise will help the body work much more efficiently by, among other things, speeding glucose into cells where it belongs and helping to dispose of excess glucose within the body. Exercise can also be included in your daily routine, and this is all the treatment some people need. Exercise one to three hours after a meal. Exercise will build a healthier heart, lungs, muscles and body. Combining diet, exercise, and medicine (when prescribed by your doctor) will help control your weight and blood sugar level.

You constantly have to get your exercise, eat the right food, check your blood glucose level, and take your pills or insulin at the right time. Uncontrolled diabetes will destroy your body. When diabetes is controlled, it will help prevent serious complications such as: infections, kidney damage, eye damage, nerve damage to feet and heart disease.

Common complications of diabetes are: Heart disease Stroke Diabetic retinopathy Kidney disease Sciatica. Many people believe that soy protein can help to prevent some of the complications of diabetes such as artery blockage and disease of the kidney. Remember that the leading cause of blindness and kidney failure and amputation in the United States is uncontrolled diabetes. Controlling diabetes takes a concerted effort in many areas of your lifestyle.

Thankfully it is a lot easier to control now than even just 10 years ago. However, even today, managing your diabetes is a full-time job if you wish to live a long and healthy life.

controlling diabetes type 2 Diabetes is a horrible disease that can be controlled. You can control diabetes without drugs. A high quality of life depends on you controlling your diabetes.

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