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Diabetes Understand More About Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease. Medical experts believe that once contracted, this disease cannot be cured. This article will help you to understand it and make you to be more aware how to live with the disease without having to face too many complications.

A) What is diabetes? Diabetes is a disease that may strike anyone anytime. It is chronic and does not have any permanent cure. However, with proper care and treatment, one can live a healthy life.

If left untreated, the disease will have a real bad effect on health and result in death. Many people with diabetes tend to face a lot of problems due to diabetes. These complications interfere in their daily activities. Hence, medical experts always prescribe proper treatment.

B) Causes Diabetes is a result of body's inability to produce insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is required to convert starches, sugar and other food into energy to facilitate daily life requirements. The actual cause of diabetes is a mystery.

However, doctors feel that family history and certain environmental factors play a major role in development of diabetes in human body. Other crucial factors remain lack of exercise and obesity. In a shocking research, it has been proved that diabetes is one of the major causes of blindness in the United States. C) Types of diabetes In order to understand types of diabetes, it is important to learn certain things about pancreas. It is a structure long and thin in shape that's situated behind our stomach.

This integral part of our bodies works towards regulating the use of glucose inside the body. It has two primary functions: Function 1: It produces pancreatic endocrine hormone that would help in regulating body's metabolism. Function 2: It produces pancreatic digestive enzymes. As soon as the level of blood glucose rises in the body, the insulin needs to push fat and muscles to absorb the amount of glucose they require for future activities.

Any extra glucose left is stored by the liver. However, some people's body is not able to produce adequate amount of glucose. This results in Type 1 diabetes. Another complication that occurs is the resistance of body towards production of insulin.

This makes it necessary for foreign source of insulin production. The condition is known as Type 2 diabetes. D) Symptoms There are several symptoms of this disease including the following: a) Increase appetite b) Bladder infection c) Fatigue d) Blurred vision e) Nausea; Vomiting f) Skin infections g) Increase thirst; Increase urination h) Vaginitis E) Treatment options Today, there are several treatment options available for diabetes. One of the most common treatment options is Glucosium. It is a diabetes treatment made of natural ingredients that can help in controlling blood sugar, restrict nerve damage and even stimulate your body's insulin product. Other options doing a lot of exercises, eating right and supplements your body with several nutrients that would assist your body in producing the insulin it requires.

Early detection of this disease is the best treatment you can have. Keep tabs on the symptoms and you will be ready to lead a happy life.

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