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How A Friend dropped Off Pounds And Landed Himself A Charming Wife And A Quality Job

There is no doubt that people who exercise frequently live a healthier life than those who are as a rule sedentary and don't do any sort of physical exercise. Activity is life while death is immobility. Obesity or overweight disposes you to numerous infirmity that could reduce your life span noticeably. A lot of people would rather be dead than be alive because they cannot bring themselves to do regular exercises. Friend, you don't have to be like those people.

You need to do one of the numerous workouts regularly for your good life. Take it of leave it, your good life depends on fitness. Think of it this way, if you are fit and look it, vitality and alertness are represented in your physical appearance.

These are the two important factors employers are looking for in a prospective employee. Do you think that any serious company would hire an overweight dull looking individual? Hey, friend note that your looks create a mental picture of your intellect in the eyes an employer? If you are not yourself overweight, what do you think of the overweight people you see? If you hate to be overweight, then workout regularly. My workout preference is water aerobics. Being overweight shows you off as a person with poor energy, lack of self-discipline and dull. People who are identified like that should just be self-employed because no employer in his right mind will touch them with a long pole.

Of course, because of the stern legal protection that individuals enjoy in this country in terms of employment, a company will not openly reject you for being overweight, it definitely will not be cited as the reason for refusing you employment, but according to headhunter Kathleen Johnson in The Road To CEO, "a fifty pound overweight candidate did not make the cut because the extra weight made him appear stooped and lumbering, not quick and agile". So it does not matter, once you are seen to be overweight, that you are very intelligent. Your overweight condition straightforwardly condemns you to ridiculousness rubbishing how well you could do the job beyond redemption.

Why would you allow that to happen to you when regular aerobic exercises will help keep you attain fitness and be healthy looking, all the time of your life?. I wrote this article following the experience of my friend who is slightly overweight. He lost at a job interview of recent because he was slightly overweight. My friend was sure that he did very well in both the test and the oral interview until one of the interviewers, a lady, who developed interest in him called him aside and confirmed in him that though he did very well, his being overweight may deny him the job opportunity.

He eventually lost the job opportunity. However, the lady had assured him, " if you would go shape up, I will not only help you get a go at another opportunity, but I would not mind being your very good friend". My friend did as the lady advised and lost 25 pounds. Guess what? Today they are happily married and my friend gainfully employed in the same company as his wife.

Now, did you see how just dropping 25 pounds of overweight landed my friend a good job and a lovely wife?.

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