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How To Remove Acne Scars

What is most awkward about acne is that it affects the most visible part of the body i.e. the face and being of an inflammatory nature it results in the appearance of papules or pustules. Blackheads may also be formed alongside.

Even after the situation may have become controlled the characteristic acne scars remain spoiling one's appearance. Around 91% of people suffer from this condition. So, this is quite a common problem. People may be desperately looking for suitable ways to lighten the marks even after the condition ceases.

In order to overcome the embarrassment of bearing acne scars there are suggestions offered by medical practitioners regarding elimination procedures for these marks. Alongside there are various household remedies too which promise to at least lighten the marks if not eliminate them altogether. One needs to wisely opt for whichever procedure one feels will really be suitable. Dermatological procedures to remove such scars will be determined based on age, overall health, medical history, severity and type of scar, tolerance level for specific medications, procedures and therapies and preferences of the person concerned. For small scars dermabrasion involving abrasion of the top layers of the skin may be used.

Here, the skin begins to appear smoother and fresher while it heals. Laser resurfacing may also be employed for treating fine scars. Besides, collagen injections may be used to effectively treat wrinkles, scars and facial lines. For deep acne scars, however, punch grafts are the best option.

In this process holes are punched in the skin to remove the scar and then unscarred skin (usually from the back of the earlobe) is used to replace it. Chemical peels can also be used in similar cases wherein the top layer of the affected area is removed and the appearance of the affected skin is improved and regenerated thereafter. There are some age old natural household remedies to treat acne marks too. Application of lemon juice by dabbing it with cotton wool pads on affected area of the face will help lighten the scars if used regularly for some weeks. Another method of lightening blemishes and scars and getting rid of blackheads is to smear the face and the areas with acne scars with juicy fruit and vegetable extracts. Cucumber juice is especially known for its toning, moisturizing and lightening properties.

Tomato, avocado and apricot- these also have skin lightening properties. If used on a regular basis these will certainly show the results and you will have a bright complexion together with freedom from most scars and blemishes. For deep and stubborn scars, however, dermatological help might be taken recourse to.

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