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Natural Skin Care Right From Nature

Natural skin care is an inside job that is complimented by elements of nature that, when applied topically to the skin, makes a very viable solution to those nagging spots and wrinkles that come with time. The body renews millions of skin cells every day. The quality of these cells is dependent on the quality of food we put into our bodies. The higher the quality of food in terms of vitamins and minerals the better the skin looks as we age.

What we use on the outside also deserves close attention. Since most antiaging skin care routines start with a clean face let's start there. While doing my own research I've come up with three different types of soap that not only use natural ingredients but have also been proven to help your skin keep that healthy glow. Part of my search revealed information about olive oil soap. Antioxidants are important in protecting the skin from the sun and enviromental elements and can be found in olives.

The second soap that got my attention was Black Soap or Anago, named after the Anago language of Nigeria, which is made from pure oils, butters and roasted plants. It's emollient properties have a healing affect that is unique in the marketplace. Have a look at some patented soaps that are produced in Texas. The patented Texas skin care soaps are made from the finest ingredients; many of their ingredients are homegrown.

Another important step in our antiaging skin care routine is to check out skin care lotions and creams. With so many of these products on the market it's hard to know where to start. One thing we know for sure: It's important to be able to closely check all the ingredients in a lotion or cream to be sure the product is formulated from truly natural resources. Unfortunately natural skin care products are not regulated in the United States so you have to read the labels carefully to be sure they don't contain any synthetic ingredients as some can actually be harmful to the skin.

The Internet isn't always the best place to find natural skin care products as they often don't list all of the ingredients. New Zealand is known for producing some of the best natural skin care products in the world. The testing process they use to determine the purity of their skin care products is one of the best in the world. When they say there are no artificial ingredients in their lotion or creams you can believe it is true. Ingredients to look for in your search for natural skin solutions are Aloe Vera, calendula, green or white tea, chamomile, seed oil, soy oil, and pomegranite. What is little known about collagen is that, when applied topically, it cannot be absorbed through the skin so be careful when purchasing products that claim that collagen extracts are present.

Since finding the correct natural skin care product has its challenges, it's probably wise to talk to a skin care professional and/or check with a highly qualified nutritionist. However, if you feel comfortable doing it on your own, remember this: Don't rely solely on the product's advertisements, and carefully check out all the ingredients. Remember: what you see on the outside is what you are on the inside in terms of skin care.".

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