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Prostate Cancer Symptoms Early Detection is Key

As prostate cancer involves the male reproductive system, the prostate, it is a disease that primarily affects the male. Early detection of its symptoms is vital to treatment and recovery. When you have prostate cancer, your prostate cells mutate and multiply out of control.

These cancerous cells start to attack all the surrounding healthy cells in the prostate, and can spread to other parts of the body. Very often, this disease also affects the bones around the prostate. Most men do not realize that they have prostate cancer until it is in an advanced stage. Once it is diagnosed in a later stage, it is usually more difficult to cure or treat.

Hence, early detection can help in controlling the spread of the cancer cells. Here are some important prostate cancer symptoms that you should keep a look out for: - general pain in the prostate area - an uncontrollable desire to urinate frequently, especially at nighttime - difficulty in urinating, both in starting or holding back - poor flow of urine - the presence of blood and in urine and semen - pain or burning sensation when urinating - erectile dysfunction (inability to have or sustain an erection) - uncomfortable or painful ejaculation - a frequent pain or stiffness in the upper thighs, hips, or lower back It does not mean that you have prostate cancer just because you notice the above symptoms. These symptoms can also be an indication of other diseases. Your best course of action is to go for an accurate and proper diagnosis by a doctor or specialist. You will have to undergo a series of tests in order to determine if you have prostate cancer or some other health problems. Several factors appear to increase the risk of getting this disease.

Age is a key factor. It has been found that prostate cancer is most common in men over fifty years of age. Family history is also another key indicator of increased risk. If you have a close male relative who is suffering from the disease, you are twice as likely to have prostate cancer yourself. In addition, nationality or where you come from can mean different risk levels. Statistics reveal that African-Americans are most at risk, followed by Americans and Europeans.

Least at risk are Asians, particularly those that live in the East and Southeast portions of the continent. It has been said that an unhealthy lifestyle and diet also increases your risk to getting this disease. Although this disease is not preventable, making substantial changes to your diet and lifestyle have been shown to improve your chances of recovery greatly. To find out if you really have prostate cancer, you need to consult a specialist. Once you describe to him about the symptoms that you have observed, he may order a series of tests to make sure.

The PSA, or prostate specific antigen test, is used to detect the disease. During this process, a small piece of the prostate will be removed and examined under a microscope to check for prostate cancer cells. Additionally, other tests such as X-rays and bone scans may also be used to determine the extent of the cancer. While it appears cumbersome to go for that many tests, it is important to remember that they may actually help you save your live. You can get treated for prostate cancer symptoms if you take early action.

Prostate Cancer can kill. Find out more about Prostate Cancer Prevention on this site http://www.Prostate-Cancer-Treatment-Hub.com.

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