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Split Ends Faking Healthy Hair

Okay, so your next hair appointment is two weeks away. Don't fret -- your hair can still look good in the meantime. Yes, damaged hair can look healthy even if your ends are dry and brittle. This is all thanks to ionic hair products which work to both prevent and repair split ends. You're hair will look so good you'll be tempted to cancel your appointment but before you do remember these are temporary fixes for split ends and in order to be split end free you must trim them.

The main focus today is learning ways to manage your split ends so that the only person who knows you need a trim is you. So get ready and fool the world with these tips to looking good with split ends. Soon you'll be saying "Split ends.

what split ends?" Preventing Split Ends: Top Tips Before you learn how to fake healthy hair with split ends, you should work on preventing them from occurring. Eventually, the goal is to develop healthy hair habits so that your hair is naturally healthy and you won't need to mask problem hair ever again! The best way to prevent split ends is by watching out for their main causes such as heat styling, hair dying, or overwashing. This doesn't mean you should toss your blowdryer and go hippie.

No way! You can still have the hair you love and prevent split ends. Here's how: 1. Don't overwash your hair: Overwashing your hair causes damaged hair.

Your hair has natural oils that are good and healthy. They are part of your hair's natural moisture level and promote healthy hair growth. Overwashing strips away these good oils and leaves hair dry. Dry hair is easily damaged and prone to splitting. Wash hair no more than three times a week.

Also use moisture infusing shampoos and conditioners. 2. Give your hair a break: Excessive heat styling is one of the major causes of damaged hair and split ends. Give your hair a break and give that blowdryer a rest.

Every so often opt for natural hairstyles. After washing hair, apply a leave in conditioner or hair serum and tie hair in a low bun. Let air dry. Once hair is dry, remove bun for instant natural waves. Braids and sleek ponytails are also great hairstyles that won't dry or damage hair. 3.

Take advantage of ionic technology: There have been many advances in hair technology. One of the most influential ones in heat styling is ionic technology. Ionic technology works with heat to restore damaged hair. This means you're blowdryer is no longer an enemy but a friend! Ionic products are great to prevent and heal damaged hair because they infuse healing moisture, cut drying time in half and seal split ends while you heat style! Popular ionic heat styling products are the Sedu flat iron and T3 Tourmaline blowdryer.

So upgrade your heat styling tools to ionic ones and prevent damaged hair. Faking Healthy Hair Okay so you have split ends and can't stand the way it looks. I know how you feel, split ends leave hair dry brittle and just unmanageable. As mentioned above split ends are caused by hair habits we know and love such as heat styling or blowdrying. But what we don't know is that most of this damage occurs because women are forgetting one essential component. That is prepping your hair.

Your hair is at it's weakest state when its wet. This is why you should NEVER apply direct heat on unprotected wet hair. This will damage and literally fry hair's cuticle. What you should do is apply a protective leave-in conditioner such as H2 Ion to wet hair before you blowdry or heat style.

Unlike other hair treatments, H2 Ion uses heat from your blowdryer to revitalize damaged hair, seal split ends and promote longer hair. This makes heat styling healthy for your hair. Finally, here's a product that works with our hair routine! While you can never permanently mend split ends, ionic hair repair treatments prevent split ends from splitting further up the hair shaft by sealing cuticles together. This means softer smoother hair and shorter trims! These ionic products also revitalize dry damaged hair by restoring hair's natural moisture. Thanks to heat activated hair repair treatments, you can have the healthy hair you always wanted -- even if you fake it at first!.

To get rid of split ends and learn more about the causes of hair damage and prevention of hair damage, visit www.h2-ion.com today.

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